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Avant Loaders vs Compact Tractors

Paul Helps Ltd started by selling Mitsubishi Tractors over the whole of South West England.

Most people would ask for a loader to be fitted. Therefore, this is how we started selling Avant's as well.

9/10 of our customers chose the Avant over the Mitsubishi compact tractor when we used to sell both. Now there is not such a high demand for Mitsubishi tractors so in 2017 we stopped selling them. This is due to the following reasons:


Mitsubishi compact tractors vs Avant loaders
Avant vs compact tractor
  • Hydrostatic - A lot of compact tractors have gears whereas Avant's are hydrostatic meaning one pedal for forward and one pedal for backwards - very easy to operate!
  • Avant's articulate in the middle, so they are easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces.
  • Practicality - The attachments are a lot easier to attach and remove - this is because there is no 3-point linkage or PT0 (power take off).
  • Visibility - When a tractor has a loader, the bonnet blocks your vision from seeing the bucket in action. This doesn't happen with Avant's due to the visibility and placement of the engine behind you
  • The Avant's have a telescopic boom allowing you to reach further and higher.


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